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Our corporate motto, "Nos Reputio, Nos Intento, Nos Factum," means we think, we plan, we act. This philosopy guides us whether we are mining or going to war. In short, take the time to do it right instead of trying to find the time to do it over.

Our corporation is based on a rank system that allows active members to grow in responsibility (and rewards) as their skill increases. We deliberately do not impose any arbitrary skill requirements; if you have the will we will do our best to show you the way.

As our vision statement indicates, our ultimate goal is to control an alliance and soverignty in 0.0 space. To get there will require 4 distinct phases:

Phase I: 6 Months - Grow the corporation to 90 active members. Develop successful combat, industrial & mining divisions.

Phase II: 12 Months - While maintaining an empire presence, move the base of corp operations to low sec. Deploy POS' to increase production capabilities. Pursue  advantageous alliances with like minded corps. Grow the member base to 180 members.

Phase III: 18 Months - While maintaining both an empire & low sec presence, move the base of corp operations to 0.0 Gain membership in one of the few prestigious alliances. Grow membership to 270 members.

Phase IV: Create our own alliance. Take and hold soverignty in 0.0. Work to form mutual defense pacts with surrounding alliances. Grow member base to 360 members.

We are at the beginning of phase I. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to get on on the ground floor of something unique and help shape the destiny of a corporation, and indeed, of EVE itself, then you have come to the right place.

The journey of a lifetime begins with the first step. Are you ready?

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Director - Mining Division
Karura Hagakure
Director - PvP Division
Director - Industrial Division
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